Conference Schedule & Videos



Panel 1: Transition Stories – Personal Perspectives from Athletes and Dancers
Panelists: Christopher Body, Thomas Hall, Annamay Oldershaw, Angel Wong
Moderator: Tom Allen
Athletes and dancers share their personal experiences of transition discussing their challenges and opportunities in a post-performance world. See the panel video on youtube here.


Panel 2: Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO)
GAME PLAN – Helping Athletes Prepare for Life Beyond Sport
Panelists: Sophie Brassard, Cara Button, Lisa Hoffart, Geneviève Saumur, Rolf Wagschal
Moderator: Chantale Lussier

Advisors from the Game Plan program discuss high performer transition from a sport perspective and examine the key issues and themes athletes face as they prepare for retirement.  Discussion will also include how the program has evolved and the day to day roles of the advisors.

Workshop A: Theoretical Perspectives: Career Development for Athletes and Dancers

Presenters: Andrée-Anne LeRoy & Sally Halliday
How does career development theory inform your approach to supporting athletes and dancers? In this workshop, participants will learn about relevant career development theories and approaches that can serve as a foundation for career conversations with athletes and dancers.

Workshop B: Moving Beyond – The 7 Steps Critical for Positive Transition
Presenter: Melinda Harrison
What are the common “blind spots” that athletes/dancers face as they leave their career and start preparing for their next play? In her workshop, Melinda will share the 7 key steps that are critical to successfully transition in a positive direction with a specific hands on focus on Step 2: Puncture your Blind Spots.

 Panel 3: Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC)
From Crisis to Confidence: A Look at 30 Years of Supporting Dancers in Transition
Panelists: Amanda Hancox, Parise Mongrain, Joysanne Sidimus
Moderator: Garry Neil
From its inception in 1984 DTRC’s pioneering vision to support transitioning dancers was unparalleled. Examining its blueprints and articulating core components that build the foundation of a successful transition model. Exploring DTRC’s 30 year journey including its successes and continuing challenges. How has the field evolved and how has the organization responded?  What future plans and opportunities are percolating for dancer transition support in Canada?

Breakout Sessions

Session A: Who Am I Now? – Mental Health Issues for Athletes and Dancers in Transition
Panelists: Lauren Gordon, Dr. Kate Hays, Krista Guloien, Dr. Paula Ravitz
Moderator: Nicole Forrester
Pursuing performance at a high level defines a person, but what happens when that journey is over? Our expert panel discusses mental health issues around high performer transition including loss of identity, perfectionism, depression and detraining from an intensely physical career. See the panel video on youtube here. 

Workshop C: Tools for Transition
Exploring strategies to improve and support the well-being of high performers in transition.

The Story Continues – Exploring The Use of Expressive Writing Therapy in Transition
Presenter: Taryn Brandt
This workshop will focus on using expressive writing therapy as an intervention aimed at improving high performer well-being through the transition phase.

LEAPing Forward & Moving On – Promoting Healthy Physical Activity & Nutrition Through Transitions
Presenters: Erin Reifsteck & DeAnne Davis Brooks
Based on research on the post retirement physical activity and nutrition of collegiate athletes, this workshop will explain the impact of sport transitions on lifetime health and wellness and discuss practical strategies to assist athletes/dancers with making healthy transitions.


Panel 4: Does One Size Fit All? – Perspectives on Career Transition Models
Panelists: Gene Moyle, Paul Bronkhorst, Angela Mondou, Lauren Gordon
Moderator: Francisco Alvarez
This panel is a cross-section of representatives and specialists from various international models that currently exist who will share strategies and discuss gaps, challenges and opportunities.  Probing various transition programmes and services offered and discussing their impact and relevance. See the panel video on youtube here.

Breakout Sessions

Session B: Starting the Conversation – The Role of Key Stakeholders in High Performer Transitions
Panelists: Beth Ali, Christopher House, Debbie Low, Mavis Staines
Moderator: Patricia Fraser
Exploring fundamental questions about the role of coaches, teachers, sport governing bodies, dance companies and schools and other key stakeholders in the delicate discussion of transition. How can sector leaders and stakeholders create early and healthy engagement with transition programmes and services?

Workshop D: Making Experience Matter – Recognition of Prior Learning
Presenters: Bonnie Kennedy & Amanda Payne
This workshop will provide a background to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in Canada, explore factors impacting traditional career development and RPL assessment practices and provide and insights from a new RPL MANUAL that can help both adults in transition and the service providers, HR professionals and career development practitioners who want to help them reach their goals.

Panel 5: Building Bridges with Workforce and Education
Panelists: Jeremiah Brown, Claire Carver-Dias, Dwayne Cormier, Alain Grenier, Guy Taylor
Moderator: Rolf Wagschal
How can dance and sport stakeholders work with corporate partners, educational institutions and other workforce sectors to promote their talent pool of high performers? Panelists will share strategies that identify and translate transferable skills and how opportunities can be created  for post-performance athletes and dancers. See the panel video on youtube here. 

Breakout Sessions

Session C: Older & Reckless – Continuing the Passion Later in Life
Panelists: Marie-Josée Chartier, Denise Fujiwara, Darryl Tracy
Presenter: Carol Anderson
This session will feature perspectives by dancers and athletes who continue to stay involved and the challenges and illuminations of later-life performance.

Workshop E: What Do I Have to Offer? – Transferable Skills of High Performers
How do we support high performers in translating their exceptional skills and attributes through their new path to success?

Demystifying The Transition Experience – How to Unlock Transferable Skills in Dancers and Athletes in Training
Presenter: Jennifer Bolt
Drawing on research from dance, sport’s psychology and transition, participants in this interactive workshop will have the opportunity to experience five techniques designed to hone the key transferable skills in elite dancers and athletes necessary to navigate any transition experience: persistence, resilience and international motivation (PRIM).

“But I’m just a cricketer” – Perceptions of Life Skills Development & Transferable Skills
Presenter: Adam Miles
Looking at the perceptions of professional cricketers to glean an understanding of the types of skills that contributed to a successful career and determine whether those skills were considered as life skills that could be transferred to life outside of sport.

Guest Speaker: Peggy Baker
Peggy Baker is one of Canada’s most celebrated and influential dance artists, respected as a performer in the work of esteemed Canadian and American creators; as an educator in important dance training programs throughout North America; and as a choreographer of poetic and visually striking works for her Toronto based company, Peggy Baker Dance Projects. Ms. Baker is Artist-in-Residence at Canada’s National Ballet School.

See the youtube video of Peggy’s address here.

Taking the next LEAP: Network Discovery Mapping
Moderator: Penny Scott
A short presentation of outcomes from the registrant survey including demographics and inter-professional relationships followed by a  highly interactive forum. Topics and themes generated from the results of a network mapping survey will be presented. Participants will then have the chance to direct the conversation through these themes by participating in facilitated working groups informing new ideas and future steps for LEAP in Year 3.

Guest Speaker: Mark Tewksbury
In 1992 Mark Tewksbury burst onto the international scene following a thrilling come-from-behind victory in the 100-metre backstroke at the Barcelona Olympic Games. This gold medal performance capped a remarkable athletic career, which included three Olympic medals, seven world records, a cover appearance on TIME Magazine and inductions into three major Halls of Fame.  Professionally, Mark is a celebrated public speaker known for his ability to lead and inspire.

See the youtube video of Mark’s address here.