Our Partners

LEAP is proud to foster a growing global network of project partners who support healthy and productive life and career transitions for high performance athletes and professional dancers.

Athletes and the Arts logo

Athletes and the Arts  is an initiative focused on linking the sport athlete and musician/performing artist communities through collaborative exchange and application of wellness, training and performance research and initiatives. This program is committed to the belief that athletes exist throughout the performing arts community and that established training, wellness, and prevention research for sport athletes can benefit artists’ general health and performance. Similarly, the athletic and general population can gain from principles primarily applied within the performing arts arena. The initial focus of this initiative will be on the musician community; the long-term goal is to serve all of the performing arts.

A key component of this initiative is incenting performing artists to invest some time in personal wellness to supplement the commitment to their performance skill. This investment will enhance and prolong careers and stimulate creativity in the application of musical techniques for the athletic and general populations.


crossingthelinesupportinglogo1 -smallCrossing the Line was founded in 2015 to tackle the issues faced by athletes when they leave the life of elite sport. At its basic level it is a conversation starter – naming the taboos that exist everywhere in elite sport and talking about them directly and openly. We talk about depression, sexuality, chronic pain, addictions and all the other issues faced by our global athlete community that tend to be suffered in silence and isolation. We also talk about the good stuff to so that athletes can continue to inspire each other after they leave the sporting arena. Furthermore, we are busy educating the current crop of athletes and coaches to open their minds to the challenges they may face in the future with the aim of helping them become more balanced humans – helping them perform at ease and build resilience for when they retire.